New students

If you are new at yoga or you have never practiced Ashtanga before, you can contact us to book a class on schedule. There you can have a thorough look at the asana practice.



There are 6 series of asanas. Each being more demanding than the previous one. Primary Series or Yoga Chikitsa, meaning healing yoga, is highly stimulating, improving the stretching of the muscles, the flexibility of the joints and the function of the internal organs. Intermediate Series or Nadi Shodhana affects the nervous system. Advanced Series A, B, C and D or Sthira Bhaga offer strength and grace. The only way to move up in asanas is by commitment and daily practice. Ashtanga Yoga system is designed for 6 day practice, except full moon and new moon days.   


Financial Terms

September is considered the beginning of each academic year. For those who are then listed as members of the shala and they want to attend classes for 10 consequent months, there is a discount on the prepaid fees. This is done to motivate the practitioners for daily practice. Apart from that, there are two types of monthly admissions. Admission fees are paid in advance until the 5th of each month, do not freeze or transfer and are not refundable.

For further information you can contact us, as well as to arrange your first introductory lesson.


Practical Information

  • Respect the teachers’ instructions.
  • Take notice of the news board.
  • Inform us on any physical disturbances before practice.
  • Avoid practicing while having a fever.
  • Maintain your personal hygiene and avoid strong perfume.
  • Respect the comfort of co-practitioners.
  • Move quietly in the shala and keep your voice low.
  • Place your yoga mat on the floor quietly.
  • Keep cellphones on flight mode.